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 2015-16 SAC2015-16 Student Advisory Council

  • Mar. 16, 2016 – State Board’s 2015-16 Student Advisory Council convenes for its final presentation.
    Students’ research focuses on importance of student voice
    Each year, SAC members select a year-long research project and present their findings and recommendations to the State Board. This school year’s council focused on the importance of students’ feedback in efforts to improve teacher quality and build a more collaborative school community. On March 16, the Board heard the SAC’s presentation and approved its recommendation to pursue ways to increase the level of communication between students and teachers and school leaders.

 Application for 2016-17 Student Advisory Council - Apply by May 27, 2016 new

Students attending a public high school in Illinois who are entering the fall semester as a sophomore, junior or senior are eligible to apply. If you have any questions, please contact Vince Camille at (217) 782-5396 or

See the ISBE News Release dated March 24, 2016 for more information.

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