Balanced Assessment

A balanced assessment system is the strategic use of formative, interim, and summative measures of student performance to address immediate student needs, inform ongoing instructional changes, and guide long-term educational improvement (Douglas County School District, 2013).

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 Balanced Assessment News  

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 Student Growth Training Modules Series (Updated 01/07/15)

The Student Growth Training Modules Series is designed for both teachers and administrators to collaboratively engage in high quality professional development opportunities. The Facilitation Guide and Supplementary Materials is a companion to the Student Growth Training Modules Series. Included in this guide are practical activities that extend participants’ understanding of the training module content. Each module includes activities to encourage dialogue, promote engagement, and foster collaboration.

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 Student Learning Objectives  (Updated 2/18/15)

The Student Learning Objective (SLO) Process is used to organize evidence of student growth over a specified period of time. The Guidebook on the SLO Process describes the SLO process and provides resources for Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Joint Committees who are working to incorporate the SLO process into a comprehensive performance evaluation plan. The SLO Template is a word document that PERA Joint Committees are encouraged to adapt to meet their local contexts. In addition, the SLO examples provide different grade level, content area, or course examples.

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 Assessment Inventory  (Updated 4/16/15)

The Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts is a tool districts may use to take stock of their assessments and assessment strategy from a student perspective. Districts are encouraged to adapt the student assessment inventory for their local context and use. The Assessment Inventory Facilitation Process is a companion to the Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts. This document provides a step-by-step facilitation process for districts to follow when using the assessment inventory.

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 Local Assessment Support  (Updated 4/8/15)

The Guiding Principles for Classroom Assessment has been developed to guide educators as they select and develop quality classroom assessments. In addition, Local Assessment Support (LAS) workshop materials are available.

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 Webinars and Presentations  (Updated 1/14/15)