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Services for School-aged Refugee Children

The Refugee Children School Impact Grant (RCSIG) funds refugee social service agencies to help integrate refugee children into Illinois schools.  Agencies offer services to schools, refugee children and their parents.  Schools may call programs listed below directly for assistance.

Who are refugee children?

Refugee Social Service Agency Contact List PDF File

Contact Sherry Johnson at 312-814-3850 for more information on school aged refugee children.

Additional Resources

<empty>Professional Development

<empty> A Guide to Your Children's Schools: A Parent Handbook

This guide to Illinois schools for newcomer parents can be downloaded in pdf format

<empty> Involving Immigrant and Refugee Families in Their Children's School's:  Barriers, Challenges, and Successful Strategies PDF File

<empty>The state of Minnesota sells videos produced for newcomer parents.

<empty> Refugee Language and Culture

<empty> Educational Resources
<empty> Immigrant/Refugee Education Policy

The Illinois Immigrant Policy Project released papers on the education of immigrants and refugees:

Resource Links

General Information on Language and Culture

  • Background on Refugees
    This is an excellent site for general information (definitions) and then it links to more specific and advanced topics on various countries from which refugees come.
  • Background Notes
    The U.S. Department of State has put the popular Background Notes online. These profiles of all the world's countries include brief information on history, people, economy, political conditions, travel/business notes, and more.
  • Center for Applied Linguistics
    The Center for Applied Linguistics provides resources, grants and general information about speakers of other languages and their lives and roles in the United States.
  • CIA World Facebook
    This is a collection of brief profiles every country and includes maps, information on the people, government, economy, more.
  • The Cultural Orientation Research Center (CORC)
    The Cultural Orientation Research Center in Washington, D.C. has information on refugee resettlement, culture profiles and phrase books languages.
  • Ethnologue
    This extensive site presents information about languages and language speakers all ofer the world.
  • The New Americans
    This movie traces the journeys of several immigrants in a profound, moving way.
  • UNHCR Publications
    The Refugees Magazine is available online and is searchable. This is a useful source of information about all refugee groups helped by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • U.S. Committee for Refugees
  • Refugee Services of America
    These agencies offer much information on the status of refugees worldwide, including news and additional sources information.
    This is an international professional organization for teachers of speakers of other languages.
Resources for Teachers


Teacher Tools
  • Illinois Resource Center's ekit
    The Illinois State Board of Education and Resource Center have collaborated to create a locally nationally relevant knowledge base in area educating linguistically culturally diverse students. ekit is an electronic that designed place information guide teachers administrators ways provide effective, efficient, pedagogically sound instruction for English language learners your school.
Resources for Social Service Agencies & Educators

Information for Parents

Information on Specific Refugee Groups

To request bound copies of the reports listed above, contact Carol Rech at the Illinois Department of Human Services.