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October 2013

If your District has a technology plan that will expire on June 30, 2014, please note that there is a new technology plan template on the IIRC for creating and submitting FY 15 - FY 17 technology plans for approval. Below, ISBE has provided a writing guide to help districts through the new template and provide writing guidance. For access to the IIRC, log-in or register at

2013-2014 Materials:

Topic Tech Plan Overview

An approved technology plan is required of Local Education Agencies (LEA) for participation in and eligibility for priority two e-Rate reimbursement or discounts*, and other state or federal funding initiatives, which support educational technology.

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Topic Approval Process

Final plan action/approval status is awarded by ISBE based upon the recommendation of plan reviewers and certified by Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) certified Technology Integration Plan Approvers. (See the complete list).

Illinois public school districts seeking FY14 technology plan approval through the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) are required to submit a three-year technology plan online through the Illinois Interactive Report Card (IIRC) site at This is due by 11:59 PM, Friday, February 28, 2014.  All plans will be locked after the deadline for submission.

ISBE is not the primary technology plan approver for nonpublic and charter schools in Illinois. Nonpublic schools and charter schools do not submit plans to ISBE for approval, unless an exception is necessary because of an appeal. These entities must submit their plan to an approver listed as available through USAC’s Technology Plan Approver Locator.

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Topic Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance for writing a TIP is available from Learning Technology Centers (LTC) throughout the state. LEAs should contact the LTC director for their region for a list of TIP writing training dates and support opportunities.

USAC requires an annual review of Technology Plans written to support e-Rate reimbursements or discounts, when a plan is required. LEAs having an approved plan must document an annual review of their plan and monitoring compliance in respect to the schedule written into the approved plan for all plan sections.

  • Minor changes to an approved technology plan do not necessitate access to the template. A locally developed tech plan addendum will suffice to document or explain minor changes to contact information, assessment tools or data information within an approved plan.
  • Major changes, also known as mid-course corrections, will require access to the technology plan template online at LEAs discovering a need to make a major change to update an approved plan “to order services beyond the scope of their existing plan” should contact their LTC director for assistance with writing the necessary changes.

    A district Superintendent of the LEA must contact James Walsh at ISBE at 217-782-5589 or to request to have the applicable TIP template unlocked before changes can be made. Once completed the plan must be electronically resubmitted for approval.

Questions about the Technology Plan approval process and e-Rate Technology Plan compliance are always welcome at ISBE. Contact James Walsh at or Jamey Baiter at for assistance.

*Districts already having or seeking E-Rate priority two service already holding an approved TIP that covers FY14 and FY15 E-Rate eligible services and activities are accountable for reviewing their technology plan in accordance to the monitoring schedule set forth in their approved technology plan to ensure alignment with the Form 470. Significant changes to tech plans in reference to the Form 470 must be approved prior to the start of services, July 1 of the affected fiscal year, or the filing of a Form 486 relative to eligible services.

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