Funding and Disbursements

Heat Days

Interrupted School Days/Heat

A major responsibility of a local school superintendent is the health and safety of your students. Section 18-12, the School Code allows the use of Interrupted School Days for “adverse weather conditions”. As a reminder, with regard to extreme heat the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) allows four (4) options:

  1. Amend the public school calendar to start school at a later date
  2. Dismiss after 5-clock-hours of instruction
  3. Utilize an Emergency Day
  4. Utilize an Interrupted Day

If an Emergency Day is utilized it is strongly recommended that an Amended Calendar be submitted electronically through IWAS to the Regional Office of Education (ROE) for approval, to assure that the most up to date Public School Calendar is available on-line via the School Calendar Inquiry. The Calendar Code for Emergency Day is ED.

If an Interrupted Day is utilized, an Amended Calendar must be submitted electronically through IWAS, within 30 days of occurrence, to the ROE, who will forward it to ISBE for approval. The Calendar Code for an Interrupted Day is XID. The calendar code XID requires Student Attendance Time to verify a minimum of 1 instructional clock hour was conducted as well as a brief explanation of why the day was interrupted.