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Consolidated Committee of Practitioners (CCOP)

bullet Mission Statement

The mission of the NCLB Consolidated Committee of Practitioners is to study and advise the Illinois State Board of Education on the implementation of programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to ensure that high quality services are available for all the students especially those most in need.

bullet Federal Legislation - Title I Committee of Practitioners pdf format

(1) IN GENERAL- Each State that receives funds under this title shall —
(A) ensure that any State rules, regulations, and policies relating to this title conform to the purposes of this title and provide any such proposed rules, regulations, and policies to the committee of practitioners created under subsection (b) for review and comment;
(B) minimize such rules, regulations, and policies to which the State's local educational agencies and schools are subject;
(C) eliminate or modify State and local fiscal accounting requirements in order to facilitate the ability of schools to consolidate funds under schoolwide programs; and
(D) identify any such rule, regulation, or policy as a State-imposed requirement.
(2) SUPPORT AND FACILITATION- State rules, regulations, and policies under this title shall support and facilitate local educational agency and school-level systemic reform designed to enable all children to meet the challenging State student academic achievement standards.
(1) IN GENERAL- Each State educational agency that receives funds under this title shall create a State committee of practitioners to advise the State in carrying out its responsibilities under this title.
(2) MEMBERSHIP- Each such committee shall include —
(A) as a majority of its members, representatives from local educational agencies;
(B) administrators, including the administrators of programs described in other parts of this title;
(C) teachers, including vocational educators;
(D) parents;
(E) members of local school boards;
(F) representatives of private school children; and
(G) pupil services personnel.
(3) DUTIES- The duties of such committee shall include a review, before publication, of any proposed or final State rule or regulation pursuant to this title. In an emergency situation where such rule or regulation must be issued within a very limited time to assist local educational agencies with the operation of the program under this title, the State educational agency may issue a regulation without prior consultation, but shall immediately thereafter convene the State committee of practitioners to review the emergency regulation before issuance in final form.

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Meeting Announcement
Date Description
April 28, 2015 
Consolidated Committee of Practitioners (CCOP)
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Illinois State Board of Education

100 N. 1st Street
3rd Floor (V-Tel Room)

James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph Street
14th Floor (V-Tel Room)


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