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The information provided on the following links is designed for use by Illinois Colleges and Universities. If you are an educator and are seeking licensure information, please contact your Regional Office of Education.

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 Illinois Institution and Unit Recognition 


 Illinois Program Approval (11/17/15)


 Incorporation of Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards into Educator Preparation Programs

Guidance Documents

Illinois institutions of higher education are now required to incorporate the Illinois State Board’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards into their educator preparation programs.  Requiring incorporation of the standards into educator preparation programs will ensure that teachers, administrators and pupil support personnel have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide instruction specific to social and emotional development; assess students’ social and emotional skills; and respond to children with social, emotional, or mental health problems that have an impact on their ability to learn.

In response to this new mandate, ISBE has developed a guidance document and accompanying appendices to assist curriculum developers as they plan for and work toward this endeavor.  Below are the links to the draft guidance document and accompanying appendices:

SEL Guidance Document PDF format
Appendix A:
Addressing the SEL Standards in Educator Preparation Programs
 PDF format
Appendix B:
Promoting SEL through Existing Frameworks
 PDF format
Appendix C:
Bidirectional Relationship between the IL SEL Standards and the Common Core
 PDF format

ISBE is asking for feedback from the higher education community. Please view the draft guidance document and accompanying appendices. Once you have viewed the documents, please click on the survey link, to provide your feedback.


 Tools and Resources for the New Illinois Learning Standards 

  • New Illinois Learning Standards Home Page
  • Common Core Math/ELA Standards
  • Common Core Professional Development Modules
  • PARCC Assessment Page
  • Race to the Top III Teacher Preparation Program Redesign Grant
    The Illinois State Board of Education offered discretionary funds as a part of the Race to the Top III, Federal Teacher Preparation Program Redesign Grant to support Illinois Institutions of Higher Education with approved secondary mathematics or secondary English language arts teacher education programs. The grant will assist institutions in incorporating the Common Core State Standards into its teacher preparation program for secondary mathematics or secondary English language arts. Institutions having both secondary mathematics and secondary English language arts teacher preparation programs will receive funding to incorporate the Common Core State Standards into both programs.

    The following resources are available to participating institutions for use in the redesign of their teacher preparation programs for secondary English language arts and/or secondary mathematics:
  • Frequently Asked Questions PDF format
  • High Poverty High Minority Districts List PDF format
  • Math Resources PDF format
  • NCTE Revised Standards English Language Arts PDF format
  • NCTM NCATE Standards Mathematics PDF format
  • Timeline PDF format
  • Tomorrow’s Teachers, Today’s Standards: Summit on Integrating Common Core into Educator Prep Programs
    Illinois has adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Math and English Language Arts. These standards will be fully implemented in 2013-14 with the goals to raise expectations for all K-12 children, and to “better prepare Illinois students for success in college and the workforce in a competitive global economy”. The adoption of the CCSS will change how we develop instruction and will require educators to teach and assess students in different ways. It also raises questions:
  • What does this mean for educator preparation programs, both for teachers and for school leaders?
  • How do colleges of Arts and Sciences and Education work together to effectively prepare all teachers to lead instruction aligned to the CCSS?

  • To assist in the integration of the Common Core State Standards into Educator Preparation programs, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, State Board of Education and Community College Board presented Tomorrow’s Teachers, Today’s Standards: Summit on Integrating Common Core into Educator Prep Programs on June 6, 2012. National experts provided information on what the Common Core means for educators entering the field, and participants examined how preparation programs will need to respond to these new requirements.

    Institutional teams from the twelve public universities, thirty-two independent institutions and thirty-one community colleges attended. These teams were comprised of Deans of Colleges of Education and Arts and Sciences, lead faculty, department chairs, and/or program coordinators. Follow this link to access materials and presentations from the Summit: http://www.ibhe.org/TTTS/default.htm.