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Educator Licensure

License Registration

To be valid, all Illinois licenses must be registered with the Regional Superintendent of Schools where the license holder works or lives. Registration fees are calculated at $10 per year of a license's validity. For instance, a five year professional educator license would require a total amount of $50 in registration fees (5 years x $10 per year = $50). An individual needs to pay a separate fee to register each license held (i.e., professional educator license, educator license with stipulations or substitute teaching license) for the license's period of validity (i.e., the time period during which the license is valid).

An individual is required to register his or her license in each region where he or she teaches or in any county of the State, if the individual is not yet employed, but is required to pay a registration fee in only one region. Therefore, an individual who moves from one region to another after paying a registration fee for a particular period of time:

  1. will be required to register his or her license in the new region; but
  2. will not be required to pay any additional registration fee.

When a registration fee is paid, the amount due shall be the amount required to register the license for its entire period of validity.

Please refer to Section 25.400 of the Illinois Administrative Code for more information.