Proposed Amendments to Part 375 (Student Records)

P.A. 98-885, effective August 15, 2014, amended Section 27-22 of the School Code to allow schools to count for the purposes of high school graduation credit a student's successful completion of an Advanced Placement (AP) computer science course.  In order to count the course for credit, a student also must successfully complete either an Algebra II or integrated mathematics course incorporating Algebra II content.  The law further requires that the academic transcript of a student who completed the AP computer science course state that the AP course "qualifies as a mathematics-based, quantitative course" for the purposes of awarding credit for high school graduation under Section 27-22 of the School Code.

Section 375.10 ("Definitions") lists under "Student Permanent Record" the information that must be included on a student's academic transcript.  In order for the rule to be complete and to assist school districts in complying with all applicable statutes, mention is being made under "academic transcript" of the AP computer science course meeting State graduation requirements in mathematics, as authorized under Section 27-22 of the School Code.

Initial Review by State Board of Education: August 2015

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