Proposed Amendments to Part 475 (Contested Cases and Other Formal Hearings)

Part 475 sets forth the procedures for the consideration of administrative cases under the jurisdiction of the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board (Section 475.Subpart A) and hearings for other contested cases authorized under Section 5-10(a)(i) of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act (Subpart B).  Two technical changes are being proposed in Subpart A to accomplish the following.

  1. Section 475.10(d) is being amended in response to P.A. 98-610, effective December 27, 2013, which amended Section 21B-45 of the School Code to put in place a new renewal process for holders of professional educator licenses (PELs) beginning July 1, 2014. A reference to Section 21-14 of the School Code, where renewal requirements previously were codified, will be replaced with Section 21B-45.
  2. Proposed new Sections 475.130 and 475.330 will authorize the State Superintendent of Education to withdraw a case under certain circumstances, such as the discovery of new evidence or the unavailability of witnesses.  The authority of the State Superintendent to decide not to proceed with a case is implicit, so the proposed change is a technical one to make the rule complete.

Subpart B is also being amended to acknowledge the authority of the State Superintendent to decide whether to proceed with a case.

Initial Review by State Board of Education: February 2016

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