Special Education Services

SPP / APR Indicator 8

NCSEAM Survey for Parents of Students with Disabilities

Each year, from March through May, the Illinois State Board of Education surveys a representative sample of parents of students with disabilities to determine the percentage of parents reporting that schools are involving parents in order to improve special education services.  LEAs are selected on a six-year cycle, except for the Chicago Public School District which is included every year. Parents of students with disabilities from the selected LEA may receive a survey in the mail from Measurement, Inc., the current contractor administering this survey.  Selected districts are asked to notify parents that they may receive a survey and be asked to complete and return it.

The survey window is closed for 2014.

 Selected Districts

A flyer will be posted annually for selected districts to use as one means to promote parent participation in the survey.

 Selected Parents

Parents who receive a survey may have some questions and need additional information or clarification in order to complete the survey.

A toll free hotline number is available during the annual survey period. Exact dates and times of operation will be posted below.

Call Toll Free: 1-877-317-2733
Hotline Hours of Operation - Hotline closed for 2014

Aggregated results of the survey are reported in the Annual Performance Report