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Special Education Services

Specific Learning Disabilities


The Illinois State Board of Education is committed to the understanding of the learning process and the identification of teaching strategies and styles necessary to help all students succeed. To this end, an effort is first made to meet the needs of all students in the general education setting.  In this setting, as barriers arise, schools and educators are expected to implement strategies that address student needs under the Response to Intervention (RtI) framework.  In some instances, due to a disability that adversely affects the students’ education, there is a need for more targeted interventions under special education services. To best respond to these students’ individual needs, the IEP team needs to clarify the nature and extent of the "Specific Learning Disabilities" that need to be addressed.

Learning disabilities (LD) are neurological disorders that can make it difficult to acquire certain academic and social skills. Whether you are a parent, educator, or an adult with a learning disability, learning about this disability will help you support your child’s or your own success in learning and life.

Language and Math Difficulties